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haggis basher

The second and third dishes look interesting. Lots of skill here by the young chef's, great presentation.


alright...given the presentation, even if there are frogs on those dishes, I would still try it ;)


One of those times when the best of decorations would fail me to make me try them. Great shots as usual.


very nice photos!


How many ways are there to dress a frog? These look very colourful and tasty dishes.


All looks very tasty to me.
But then I used to eat frogs legs when I frequented Chinese restaurants.


Good culinary photography (but I still wouldn't eat them, and I realize that that is mostly culturally determined)


I am Filipino but rarely eat those kind of frogs. I eat the smaller version like the Rice Field Frogs smaller and better.

Photo Cache

yum, yum, yum. did you get to taste any of them? i just read this yesterday about frogs: FROGS ARE LUCKY BECAUSE THEY EAT WHAT BUGS THEM. happy frog eating.


Still will not dare to eat them...And you Sidney, I'm just curious if you tried one of those finger lickin' good frog ?


so Sidney, sorry if you have answered this already, but have you eaten some of this nicely presented frog and what does it taste like


Tried frog once, taste like chicken. Nice series of photos here.


Tu es trop fort, la fête continue à toutes les sauces ..miam miam !


Still with the frogs.

That one guy looks like he's diving head first into the crab cake.


Fénix (Bostonscapes)

Sidney, please have a heart and stop this!!! You are driving me insane! I want all that fabulous food and I can't have it... Why oh why?



i don't eat frog meat. but i love your pictures.

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